How To Do Affiliate Marketing [Infographic]

Do not just select the first product that you set eyes on, but instead spend time researching the product or service and see if it is actually something that you would use yourself. Do some research on how big the potential market is before you get started and think carefully about the kind of content that you will require in order to make it a success. You may be able to find statistics that show how many visitors it requires in order to make a sale on average and do use this information to help you work out whether it is something that you should then promote.
Once you have selected the product, or indeed products, then do test out different adverts and even change where they are placed on your site in order to see what works best and gets you the most sales. Do not give up if the sales you get at first are lower than you expected as it may be due to the advert not being catchy enough or it may be sitting in an area outwith the main focus of your visitor, but by testing different things you can see if the product is working for you or not.

Affiliate Marketing Infographic

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